Weekend Casual: Megatron Living Weapon

What’s happening, folks, how you flippin’ doing?

It’s been a week of Wave 3, a week of deck building and the weekend is time to go and try out all the stupid piles of cards I’ve decided go well together. They probably don’t, but for a fleeting moment I can convince myself that they do.

Friday night I went to Marc AKA El Scarscream’s flat in Brighton to record an actual play video for his youtube channel. Quite recently he’s joined up with Mat and Kevin (who host the local tournaments in Brighton and Southampton respectively) to relaunch the City Speakers podcast. If you haven’t heard the reboot podcast, go and check it out just below here, cause it’s lovely.

The main thing I wanted to get out of the recording session was to get the current progress of the Elita-1 Cars deck on camera. What I posted a few days ago is certainly usable but there’s definitely some decks it struggles with – and by that I mean any of them that aren’t orange – so it’s almost certainly going to change within a few days. It’d be good to have it’s early stages documented.

We played two matches, with Marc playing a Runabout / Runamuck / Flamewar blue deck, with a little bit of black. These were long, difficult matches with a lot of Start Your Engines being played; in a warm up game, I counted 4 Start Your Engines played in a row across four turns.

Unfortunately there were some technical errors with the recording of the match so alas I can’t show it to you; on the plus side I can tell you how Elita-1 did: She did not do well. Playing into Blue decks is definitely an issue for the three-wide Elita-1 team, but that’s something that’s going to be worked on next week. A lot might come down to how I sideboard – most likely having someone like Novastar in my sideboard for a very tall, very tough double car line up. Will talk more about that another time.

Megatron Living Weapon – the Dream Realised!

I also tried out a Megatron Living Weapon deck. I wrote the deck down on a spreadsheet about two weeks ago; basically playing on the idea of having Megatron using two battle masters. It felt so novel and interesting at the time… but then it turned out that everyone had made a Megatron Living Weapon deck with the same idea. D’oh.

But I figured I’d bring it with me anyhow, so Marc could optionally shoot a second match. We didn’t shoot it, but we played a couple of games of Megatron / Aimless / Blowpipe into Starscream Decepticon King / Fireflight / Skydive. Megatron didn’t do very well in the first game, so I tried switching out Blowpipe for Fireflight.

Keeping the attention focused away from Megatron gives him enough time to get a full load out, often by the end of Round 1 if going second; so long as nobody else is being flipped, and you flip Megatron each turn, he can normally get three weapons on him without any trouble. With three Fusion Cannons of Megatron, plus Heavy Handed, plus whatever black pips you happen to have in your deck (I had a lot), he can end up hitting for a crazy amount of pierce damage.

Both Michael’s and my own mat, ready for play

I tried out both decks again on Saturday at Dice Saloon in Brighton, mostly playing against Michael (who you can also find playing against Marc in his videos). Michael ran two aesthetically similar, Decepticon decks – Nemesis / Aimless / Demolisher and Wave 1 Shockwave / Aimless / Flamewar. Both decks were very focused on getting specific behaviours out of the centre characters: for Nemesis, it was pure deck milling to power up Nemesis, and for Shockwave there were lots of heavy System Reboot-ing going on. Two pretty fun decks, especially Shockwave, who I’ve not really had enough time to get to play myself.

As I’ve said before, Elita-1 needs some serious work if she wants to take on decks like these, as I struggled to make a reasonable dent against Nemesis in her three-wide format. With a two-wide format (with Novastar) she works a bit better but it is still a long, long way from working.

Megatron, though, was rather fun against Shockwave. As said before, it seems to be fairly easy to get 10+ Pierce when using Megatron Living Weapon alongside Fireflight and Aimless. 11 Pierce is enough to one-shot Shockwave, which is rather tasty. Not exactly a Tier-1 competitive deck (neither are Shockwave and or even Nemesis decks, to be fair), but what was merely something I threw together a couple of weeks ago is starting to develop into something I quite like.

Worth noting this was the first time Michael and I played against each other since Michael got his new mat; both of the designs (above) were drawn by a great artist called Borezet, check his deviant art – https://www.deviantart.com/borezet/ – he has a ton of excellent Transformers illustrations.

Anyways, here’s what I’m running with Megatron Living Weapon:

Megatron Living Weapon Wave 3 Deck, early draft.

Callous Leadership x 3
Heavy Handed x 2
Steady Shot x 3
Security Checkpoint x 3
Calculated Strike x 3
Vaporize x 2

Secret Actions:
Battlefield Report x 3
Dampening Field x 2
Take Cover x 1

Fusion Cannon of Megatron x 3
Handheld Blaster x 3
Scoundrel’s Blaster x 2
Smokethrower x 3

Extra Padding x 3
Smoke Cloak x 3

Security Console x 1

Orange Pips = 0
Blue Pips = 34
White Pips = 6
Green Pips = 5
Black Pips = 12

Sideboard: 3 Infiltrate, 2 Take Cover, 1 Dampening Field, 3 Gyro Blaster, 1 TBD.

(This is a real work in progress, don’t take this deck to an important local tournament expecting results…. actually, don’t take any deck I post to your local tournament expecting results, go to Vector Sigma or something, this is all jank city!)

Battle Masters are an obvious go-to for Megatron Living Weapon, but honestly Wave 3 brings much other utilities for the old soldier to take advantage of. Playing a weapon each turn means you want to use your action for defense; with the advent of Secret Actions you can do exactly that, so having a wide selection of secret actions that hamper the attacks of your enemies is a great thing. I’m not sure which should be in the main deck and which should be in the sideboard, that’s something to work out. I also really like black pips with Megatron – unless you’re lucky enough to get all three Fusion Cannons on Megatron, you’re probably hitting for a lot of damage but a more reasonable amount of Pierce; black pips help boost that potential. I suspect a card like Extra Padding will be removed for more black, at 34 blue pips I can currently afford to lower the defense.

I don’t know about Sideboard partners yet; I could look into Nemesis, Blitzwing or even Ultra Magnus. I’ll try and find some time to work on this deck and keep it in a regular rotation. But I’d definitely like to see what he can do against something like Superion. (PS, I tested it, it did not go well for Megatron)

Megatron and Ultra Magnus together again?

Well that’s about it for this week; next week I’ll be working out the next stage of the Elita-1 build (I think I’m calling two-wide Elitastar?), and this weekend is a double-whammy of tournaments on the south coast. Will I survive? Can I even win a single game with Elita-1? Who knows, time will tell.

Until next time, later folks.

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