Weekend Casual: Alpha Trion

Due to Brighton Pride this weekend, I stayed home this weekend rather than make the trek into Brighton (train travel on Pride weekends is kind of crazy). As such I don’t have anything to report in terms of casual play – though I did get a lot of work done on next week’s Building article, which will be up this Friday.

What I did do was play my Alpha Trion deck in front of a camera for TCG Cityspeakers, which some of you might already have seen as it’s a few days old now. However, for anyone reading through the Alpha Trion posts as a whole, here is the video of the final Alpha Trion deck being played into Double Shockwave. I think this video is a good end-note for the Alpha Trion project, so I’m sharing it here on the blog.


Regular weekend wrap-ups will resume next week, where there will be a tournament in Brighton. If you’re local, please come along!

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