Weekend Tournament: Energon Open Trial

This weekend was the Brighton Energon Trial at Dice Saloon; the prize – two free byes at the UK Energon Open. Whilst I had long ago bought a ticket for the tournament, I ended up stepping aside to effectively run the event. There were a few reasons for this:

  1. I wasn’t actually fussed about playing in a competitive event and didn’t care about the two byes for the UK Energon Open.
  2. Mat would’ve had to step out of the event, meaning he didn’t have an opportunity to try and get the byes.
  3. I wanted more experience doing things like this.

Downside? I don’t really have too much to say this weekend. I was kind of hoping to have some amazing outlook from being an observer instead of a player, but I actually didn’t get much of a chance to really watch games in detail.

Those watching the fields from the previous Energon Trials were probably expecting a heavy leaning towards Blue, especially as Superion won in both Bournemouth and Bristol. However there was barely any Blue – out of twelve players, only two were running Blue decks (Major Shockwave and a single Superion), three were running mixed-pip General Prime / Metroplex decks, with the rest of the field being heavy Orange (three Bugs, two Cliffjumper 4-wide cards, one Grimlock/Lionizer and a Blaster/Firedrive)

I was hoping to see Blaster in action, and even sat next to a table where he was being played during Round 1 for that reason; but I missed all the exciting plays as I was busy making sure everything else was okay. I did see some nail-biting finishes (I watched the end of some really close games with Major Shockwave), a painful mistake when someone put Bold 14 on Grimlock only to ram straight into a Forcefield, and more Firedrives failing to draw cards than I care to count (but someone else did). But if you’re hoping for a deep analysis of the competitive meta in preparation for the UK Energon Open, I would like to direct you towards TCG Cityspeakers who will be putting up a podcast later this week.

I can give you a couple of things though; first of all, here are the results:

1st : Joe R – 4-Wide Cliffjumper Cars
2nd : Dan G – Bugs
3rd : Nick C – General Prime w/Hot Rod + Firedrive
4th : Blaster
5th : Major Shockwave
6th : Bugs
7th : 4-Wide Cliffjumper Anticipation Cars
8th : General Prime (Ranged)
9th : Bugs
10th : Metroplex
11th : Superion
12th : Grimlock w/ Lionizer

Honestly, if I were to do a quick analysis of these results I’d say that experience and skill counts for a lot. I know that at least one of these players lost out on a podium finish because of an unfortunate misplay.

Being vulnerable to bad matchups hurts a lot – Blaster did very well in every single game, but wasn’t quite up to standing against Shockwave (despite looking like he had Shockwave on the ropes very early on). I think a lot of people were expecting Superion as well; just about everyone that Steve played against had seen the results in Bournemouth and Bristol and had teched accordingly. As a result Steve lost a lot of games, only winning against Don in the final round.

Being used to a competitive atmosphere matters as well. There were a lot of shaking hands in the tournament; I notice this sometimes with players in the local tournaments, but observing this time round I saw an awful lot more. Try and not over-pressure yourself, even if the tournament is competitive; remember you are here to have fun!

It did feel like a more serious atmosphere than normal… I’d say around Round #2 things had lightened up and there was a lot of laughter in the air, but by Round #3 + #4 everything was very quiet as people had become very tense, focused and/or tired and frustrated. Honestly I was a little anxious myself – was I collecting scores correctly, was I putting them correctly into the computer, was I being a fair judge when calls were required?

Anyways, I think the players themselves can give you a better in depth analysis, so again check out TCG Cityspeakers when they put up their tournament analysis. In the meantime, here’s a gallery of pictures from the event. Enjoy!

EDIT: The TCG Cityspeakers podcast for the tournament is now up:

Round 1

Blaster vs Shockwave
Cliffjumper vs Superion, Bugs vs Metroplex
General Prime vs Cliffjumper
General Prime vs Bugs, with Marc rocking the Cybergoth look

Round 2

Cliffjumper vs Bugs, General Prime vs Metroplex
Classic Bugs vs Bugs confrontation
Cliffjumper vs Shockwave

Round 3

Daniel. (plus General Prime vs Blaster, Bugs vs Cliffjumper)
Metroplex vs Bugs
Grimlock/Lionizer vs Aerialbots
Bold 14… into a Forcefield

Round 4

Nick is fed up of going against 4-wide Cliffjumper (he played against both players)
General Prime vs Cliffjumper, two Overkills.
Blaster vs Bugs. Check out those Kreons!
Top Table – Bugs vs Cliffjumper

That’s it for now! More details about the UK Energon Open in London UK, September 14th at Dark Sphere Megastore here.

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