We’re Back! Happy 2020!

Hope you had a great Xmas! Welcome to 2020!

Last week Flip Flip Bang Bang celebrated 6 months of existence – thanks so much for reading and motivating me to keep this thing going! It’s definitely been a learning experience; I can barely stand to look at some of the original posts on this blog. I definitely think it’s improved since then.

So some news:

First of all, if you haven’t seen already, there’s a new section of the website: Who Did the Art? This is an extension of a google spreadsheet I’ve been maintaining that lists as much people who worked on the art for the battle and characters cards as possible. All that information is now on the blog, for you to read through at your leisure. I think it is a nice companion to the artist interviews I’m doing.

Artist interviews? Yup! After the success of the interview with Krin, I’ve now got THREE more ready to go in January, with hopefully more on the way. If you enjoy these interviews please follow the artists and buy their art / support their ko-fis, patreons, etc. and tell them you like what they do for the TCG.

I’m hoping the site will work well as a hub for those interested in finding out more about the artists that work on this game; the comics were what got me back into Transformers, so naturally the art of the game is pretty important to me.

Oh, and it’s not just interviews with artists! We have an interview with another TCG fan creator ready to go in January too. I very much hope you enjoy it. I’ll also be covering some efforts in the UK to do some larger tournaments; Til All Are One in Northampton on Feb 22nd, and Gaming vs Cancer in Southampton on Mar 21st.

Skytread Part 2 should be finishing up next weekend; I ran through the testing phase yesterday and it was a bit of a roller coaster, going from ‘What the hell am I even doing with this deck?’ to ‘Huh, so that’s a thing!’. It was fun. After that the Building articles will take a short two week break due for personal reasons (January is pretty busy for me), but there will be some extra interviews posted whilst that is going on. I am also hoping to write a Top 20 of the Siege toyline, since that toyline has come to an end, and I know most of you like to see pictures of toys.

Articles will be coming out regularly on WEDNESDAY (usually interviews and ‘relaxed’ posts) and SUNDAY (usually Building articles, but with the aforementioned break).

Hope you’re all excited for Wave 5; the preview image definitely looks like Titans Return Megatron, so I’m psyched for the possibility of headmasters FINALLY appearing in this game.

Until then.

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