Weekend Casual: Megatron Living Weapon

What’s happening, folks, how you flippin’ doing? It’s been a week of Wave 3, a week of deck building and the weekend is time to go and try out all the stupid piles of cards I’ve decided go well together. They probably don’t, but for a fleeting moment I can convince myself that they do. […]

Building Elita-1: I’m In Love With My Car (Part 1)

So in my initial look at Elita-1, I discussed all the various aspects of Elita-1, and some initial ideas to start off with. Naturally, with Elita-1 being an Autobot car, trying a deck centered around cars seems like the best place to start off. My very first draft – so early in fact that I’m […]

Weekend Tournament: Sealed Siege I Release Event

This weekend was Wave 3 excitement weekend, with boxes of cards (do I have to use the word product?) winging their way to Transformers TCG players everywhere. I got lucky with my half-case and pulled an Ultra Magnus, most of the rare character cards (including my much needed Elita-1, and only shy Needlenose and Cindersaur), […]