Weekend Tournament: Elita-1

This weekend, the Elita-1 Blue Cars deck was put through it’s paces at two tournaments in Southampton (Dice in the City) and Brighton (Dice Saloon) plus extra games: 15 tournament games, 2 post-round games, 1 warm-up game, 2 casual games, for 20 games in total. Here’s the full deck list: Characters: Elita-1Wave 2 MirageWave 1 […]

Building Elita-1: I’m In Love With My Car (Part 2)

Part 1: https://flipflipbangbang.wordpress.com/2019/07/03/building-elita-1-im-in-love-with-my-car-part-1/ When I last left my Elita-1 deck, she was accompanied by Hot Rod and Red Alert, and they were just about dealing with bugs in a test environment; I rated it as having a 60% chance of taking on a bugs list. Not great odds, but not terrible. It was able to […]

Building Elita-1: I’m In Love With My Car (Part 1)

So in my initial look at Elita-1, I discussed all the various aspects of Elita-1, and some initial ideas to start off with. Naturally, with Elita-1 being an Autobot car, trying a deck centered around cars seems like the best place to start off. My very first draft – so early in fact that I’m […]