Weekend Tournament: Elita-1

This weekend, the Elita-1 Blue Cars deck was put through it’s paces at two tournaments in Southampton (Dice in the City) and Brighton (Dice Saloon) plus extra games: 15 tournament games, 2 post-round games, 1 warm-up game, 2 casual games, for 20 games in total. Here’s the full deck list: Characters: Elita-1Wave 2 MirageWave 1 […]

Weekend Tournament: Sealed Siege I Release Event

This weekend was Wave 3 excitement weekend, with boxes of cards (do I have to use the word product?) winging their way to Transformers TCG players everywhere. I got lucky with my half-case and pulled an Ultra Magnus, most of the rare character cards (including my much needed Elita-1, and only shy Needlenose and Cindersaur), […]