Building Alpha Trion: Action Man, Pt 2

Over the last week I’ve thought about which line-up with Alpha Trion I wanted to play the most. Ultimately time meant I only ended up building two decks – one was the Hound / Alpha Trion deck I posted earlier this week as part of Weekend Casual. The second, a four-wide Alpha Trion aggro deck […]

Weekend Casual: Hound & Alpha Trion

Welcome to Weekend Casual, where I round up some fun stuff I did over the week related to the Transformers TCG, relate a bit about various characters and cards I saw being played or played myself, then give you a deck list at the end that isn’t especially amazing, but probably fun to play regardless. […]

Building Alpha Trion: Action Man, Pt 1

It’s time to put Elita-1 away for a little bit and try out a different character from Wave 3. This time I’m going to look at the Cybertronian Sage himself, Alpha Trion. There’s not too much to say about Alpha Trion in the fiction. He’s a sagely figure, often a father figure for the Autobots, […]