What is Flip Flip Bang Bang?

Are you new here? Want to find out what this blog is all about? Okay, good, let me tell you all about it.

Flip Flip Bang Bang is a blog about the Transformers TCG. We mostly talk about lesser played characters, go through the process of trying to build them and see what works well with them. We approach this more from a serious, but still casual perspective, rather than a competitive one. We also cover varying levels of tournaments in the UK.

Our goal is to hopefully give you some ideas of new things to play when you’re tired of the same old competitive-level decks, and maybe try and discover a few cool tricks along the way. All of this is written from the perspective of someone who isn’t a card game veteran or professional player, but simply from someone who enjoys trying to work out what can be done in the game.

Some – actually, most – of the ideas discussed on this blog will probably not turn out to be anything super powerful. That’s okay – not every idea needs to be a great one. The point is to try out ideas, find out if they work, and then talk about them afterwards.

I won’t be talking about big competitive ‘meta’ decks that often, mostly because I think there are many others who tackle those decks already. Besides, often unusual but powerful outlier decks do well in competitive settings, too.

I also just want to talk about what’s going on in my local play area, to give you an idea of how things are going down in our neck of the woods. That might not appeal to every reader, but I think the social aspect of the game is just as if not more important than the actual game itself.

If you’ve come out of this blog wanting to play more, or feeling inspired to try a new deck, or your view of a character card has changed, then that’s Flip Flip Bang Bang’s job done.

Hope you enjoy,

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