What is Flip Flip Bang Bang?

Are you new? Want to know what this is? Let me tell you about it.

Flip Flip Bang Bang is a website focused on the Transformers Trading Card Game, based in the UK. It is mostly written by one person with the occasional guest article.

On this website I do the following:

  • Article series on discovering character cards in the TCG, talking about what the cards can do, how to pair them up, what battle cards suit them, building decks, testing decks, comparing decks, etc. (‘Building’ articles are short series on each character, where as ‘Spotlight’ is an often stand alone article).
  • Tournament Reports from around the UK.
  • Artist information for the TCG; what artists contributed art for which cards. I also do interviews with artists who are willing to talk about their work.
  • Interviews about upcoming tournaments in the UK
  • Interviews with other creators about the game and what they do.
  • Plus whatever else I might decide, ranging from community insights to just talking about Transformers in general.

As a website, FFBB is focused on the broader game rather than being competitive-focused. My hope is you’ll come out of reading this website wanting to try out a new deck, or wanting to play more in your local community, or even just taking more interest in what goes on behind the curtain.

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